Kornelia Homewood Celebrating Women in Project Management

Kornelia Homewood Celebrating Women in Project Management

Kornelia Homewood


Location: Mesa, Arizona, USA

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I have been managing projects for several years in technology, finance, higher education, and creative arts. Although I never set out to become a project manager, I have discovered a passion for unifying a shared vision and leading a project team to success. Realizing project management would be an excellent career path for my personality and skill set, I rounded out my experience with more formal training by pursuing a Masters in Project Management and obtaining a PMP certification.

What I enjoy most about being a project manager is:

I love the journey of each individual project – from the excitement of a kick-off meeting to celebrating the go-live, and of-course, enduring the “messy middle” with the project team. Each project allows an opportunity to learn, reflect, and grow not only within yourself, but with the relationships of others.

The three most important skills I use to successfully deliver projects are:

  • Communication
  • Diplomacy
  • Continuous enthusiasm to lead a unified vision

I build and nurture my professional network by:

Being curious and using the many resources available to network. I love listening to podcasts and reading blogs to keep up with industry trends and learn more about communicating and leading. These podcasts also serve to be great communication starters when talking with new stakeholders and building relationships. I’ve connected with the hosts on LinkedIn and follow along in the conversations they have with other listeners and to learn more about their stories. I’m also a member of our local PMI chapter here in Phoenix and it’s a great opportunity to meet people outside of my current industry.

At the start of my career, the one thing I wish I had known is:

Yes, title and leaders should be respected, but remember they are just people too. They all have moments of insecurities and reflection. You were hired for a reason and they are looking at you to execute it to the best of your ability. Own it, own your career, own your path.

Women who have inspired me so far in my career journey are:

  • One of my favorite blogs authors – Elizabeth Harrin (see Elizabeth’s podcast episode with Elise Stevens) – She was one of the first women I came across in the industry when I was researching blogs for my masters degree. I love that she is connecting women and speaking to our concerns and inspirations in the industry.
  • One of my favorite PodCast hosts – Kate Anderson – I love that she is authentic and really good at her job without sacrificing her integrity or character. I’m always impressed by her confidence and knowledge.
  • One of my favorite leaders – Amanda Souders – She is one of the best leaders I have had the opportunity of working with. She has proven that you can be both a strong and kind woman and still have a seat at a VP level.

The most valuable advice I have ever been given is:

It was actually given to me by a man: Celebrate being a woman, but don’t use it as an excuse. It may be obvious to me that I am the only woman in the room, but do the men see it? Often, the answer is no. I was invited to that table for a reason, so find my voice and use it.

My advice for women on finding success as a project manager is:

You can never go wrong with being your authentic self. Authenticity will help you gain trust from both your team and your leaders. Also, it’s okay to be vulnerable without sacrificing the perception of being strong.


Hello amazing women of the project management world!

My observation after two decades of working in the project management industry is that our voices as women are simply not heard enough online in articles, podcasts, and across social media channels. Let’s change that!

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