Madeeha Khan Celebrating Women in Project Management Event 2019

Madeeha Khan Celebrating Women in Project Management Event 2019

Madeeha Khan


Location: Lahore, Pakistan

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Madeeha Khan Yousafzai is a Project Management Trainer and Consultant.

Promoting Project Management is her passion and she has worked hard in pursuing her dreams and turning her passion into profession by working as Certified Project Manager, Certified ScrumMaster®, Scrum Fundamentals Certified™ and Professional Development Mentor.

Madeeha is having more than 10 years experience of working in sectors of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Energy, and Hospitality with renowned companies in Pakistan and Norway.

Her projects with Government of Punjab, Pakistan gained popularity and visibility across the globe and have been written and talked about at different social media forums, including BBC Urdu Pakistan, Geo TV, MIT Technology Review Pakistan, World Bank, Gadgets 360 by NDTV and others.

Being a learner at heart, Madeeha believes in knowledge gaining and also sharing. She feels that she is a people’s person and one major goal of her life is to contribute and pay back to the society as she would like to enable and empower others.

Madeeha has earned multiple certifications through LinkedIn, Coursera, Google Cloud, Udemy and also has trained and guided the fresh graduates, experienced professionals, Project Management Aspirants and Future Agile practitioners.

What I enjoy most about being a project manager is:

The best feeling of working on projects is that it is organized way of working. I love to have milestones and to measure progress around them. Every project is different and if I get opportunity to work with new teams, new technologies then it keeps me fueling in.

The three most important skills I use to successfully deliver projects are:

1. Visioning the complete project from initiation till handover to client
2. Close co-ordination with Client team and all stakeholders
3. To feel responsible for whole project and be a good listener and communicator

I build and nurture my professional network by:

I feel like I am people’s person. I am highly active on social media apps, to stay connected virtually with all Project Management professionals and also ensure to meet in person. I am PMI member and part of Islamabad, Pakistan chapter for same reason. Being a trainer in Project Management has helped me in connecting across many countries.

At the start of my career, the one thing I wish I had known is:

10 years ago, when I started my career, I didn’t know about online learning materials on Project Management -PM so initially I learnt by hands on experience and then augmented my knowledge with online certifications and getting in connect with PM communities.

Women who have inspired me so far in my career journey are:

There are many. Every lady of substance, hard-work and dedication is my inspiration , be she works in any field.

The most valuable advice I have ever been given is:

Know your passion, follow it, dream it, live it.

My advice for women on finding success as a project manager is:

First of all, follow your heart and to be successful as project manager;
Be confident that you can do it,
Vision the whole project from start to end,
You should equip your self with latest knowledge and skills as and when needed.


Hello amazing women of the project management world!

My observation after two decades of working in the project management industry is that our voices as women are simply not heard enough online in articles, podcasts, and across social media channels. Let’s change that!

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