Priscilla Bakx-Kabai Celebrating Women in Project Management

Priscilla Bakx-Kabai Celebrating Women in Project Management

Priscilla Bakx-Kabai


Location: Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

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I have over 10 years of professional experience in Project Management and I am a certified PMI-PMP who is currently in the process of becoming certified as a PMI_ACP and Certified Disciplined Agilist. My biggest drive is to help others to achieve their maximum potential through servant leadership. I accomplish this by supporting those around me to establish meaningful encounters and collaborate with a win-win mentality. I am continuously learning and unlearning and I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong or if I don’t know something. The most important thing for me is to do all this in a fun and down-to-earth manner, with an outward minded mindset where all people are unconditionally treated as people.

In January 2020, I founded Go ROHO, a company that offers blended Training, Coaching and Consultancy (TCC) services in order to encourage more talent to enter the project management profession and to narrow the talent gap that exists in People First Project Management. Go ROHO stands for Go Reach One. Help One. Roho (noun) is also a Swahili word for Heart, Spirit and Soul. My vision and mission: Putting People First in Project Management, Today and Tomorrow. We accomplish this through Servant Leadership, where helping others is our priority

What is your project management super power?

Getting passionate and dedicated individuals and organizations together to get stuff done in a way that puts people first.

How can gender diversity be improved in the project management profession?

Reflecting on the concept of getting out of the box by the Arbinger Institute, I think that we first need to work on ourselves first before we can attempt to change others and the organisations around us. The reality is that everyone has biases. Once we become aware of that, we can then focus on increasing learning and awareness initiatives to tackle gender inequalities.

As the profession evolves, what skills do you think will be key for future success?

Servant leadership skills where we focus on creating high performing environments where diverse talent can thrive.

How do you recover from difficult situations?

I look at all difficult situations as an opportunity to learn and grow. As a full blooded project manager, I’ll accompany that learning moment with a plan on how to better deal with such a situation in future.

What are your tips and techniques for conflict resolution?

Another powerful book I have read from the Arbinger Institute is titled “The Anatomy of Peace”. Anyone dealing with conflict resolution MUST read this book. One of my key take-away from the book is this: If you want to help people resolve their differences, help them focus together on things that have nothing to do with their differences.

Which 3 words best describe why you enjoy being a project manager?

Engagement, communication, teamwork.




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