Sweta Gupta Celebrating Women in Project Management

Sweta Gupta Celebrating Women in Project Management

Sweta Gupta


Location: Sydney, Australia

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– Holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications and having 15+ years of work experience in different levels of design, development, implementation, and management of different software projects/products using different programming languages and database technologies along with Big Data (SQL Server, MicroStrategy, MongoDB, ReportServer, PHP, .NET and many more) for use in different industries including Finance, Mortgage, Real Estates, high volume e-Commerce websites, Test Analysis Data.

– Rich working experience not only in India but also in the United States of America and Australia (Sydney, Adelaide).

– Experience in Data Modeling, Database Design as a Data Architect using ER/Studio.

– Hands-on experience in designing complex software systems using OOPS/Design Patterns.

– Participates in research and development, planning, deployment and training of application technologies and the retirement of obsolete technologies.

– Consults with clients to prototype, refine, test, and recommends applications to meet needs.

– Leading managing and coaching teams of developers/testers to deliver the implementation in a well-developed and timely fashion using software Solutions/Services for B2B and B2C services.

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What is your project management super power?

Proper and solid planning and No Surprises, means communication is the key for anyone and everyone associated with the project.

How can gender diversity be improved in the project management profession?

Every person has unique characteristics and ways of doing work and deliver the things. In my opinion, we should acknowledge the strength of each person doesn’t matter what their gender is and give everyone an equal opportunity.

As the profession evolves, what skills do you think will be key for future success?

Innovative, curious, good learner, flexible enough to accommodate rapid changes.

How do you recover from difficult situations?

Patience and understanding the root cause of the situation help to recover and then retrospective approach to think other aspects and take preventative measures to not face a similar situation again.

What are your tips and techniques for conflict resolution?

Again trying to find out the root cause of conflict and then better understand the whole situation along with the other person’s perspective.

Which 3 words best describe why you enjoy being a project manager?

Visible results, leadership – collaboration, and of course day to day challenges.




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