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The power of the PMO in stakeholder engagement

The power of the PMO in stakeholder engagement

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The Power of the PMO – How PMOs can help their Project Managers improve their engagement with stakeholders

As part of the Stakeholder Engagement Series to celebrate the launch of our new eCourse which is now available on our website, I recently interviewed Hans Arnbjerg about the power of the PMO in Stakeholder Engagement.

Hans Arnbjerg podcast with Fix My Project ChaosIn this podcast, Elise Stevens talks to Hans Arnbjerg about how PMOs can help their project managers improve how they deal with stakeholder issues including stakeholder engagement. Hans has a PMO consultancy firm in Copenhagen, Denmark, which specialises in helping organisations get the most from their PMOs.

Hans spent 15 years in pharmaceutical companies coordinating clinical trials, where stakeholder engagement was key.


Points raised in this podcast about the Power of the PMO:

  • It’s not enough to be great at the technical stuff if you don’t engage with the people involved in a project.
  • Most PMOs focus on providing information to upper management and tools for project managers, but it is not common for them to have stakeholder engagement as a specific priority.
  • The PMO should be a safe haven where project managers can get any help they might need with stakeholders.
  • A PMO should help new staff adjust to the project team, giving them an idea of who the key stakeholders are, who the decision-makers are, and what kind of obstacles they might face.
  • There is a need in the project management field to provide basic tools for project managers to improve their stakeholder engagement.
  • However, stakeholder engagement is something that is learnt primarily through experience, rather than purely academically or theoretically.
  • PMOs must be outspoken about stakeholder engagement.
  • Project managers sometimes need to bury their egos. It is ok to seek help.
  • Project managers often keep their stakeholder analysis in their head. A structured approach to stakeholder mapping that can be shared with all project managers is essential.

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This podcast is part of our Stakeholder Management Series to celebrate the launch of our eCourse which is now available on our website. Tune in each week for the next instalment. If you are already subscribed to our mailing list, we’ll email you a simple recap of posts each Thursday so that you can listen at your own pace. Join our mailing list for updates. Feel free to leave your comments below with any questions that you may have. Join the conversation!



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