This Privacy Policy is current as of August 2016.

Fix My Project Chaos values the privacy and security of our customers. Our priority is that you feel safe and secure during your visit to our website. We endeavor to handle your private and personal information carefully, at all times.

The following Privacy Policy has been prepared to tell you a little bit more about how we will request, collect, store and handle your personal details.

We require all website visitors and customers to read this policy carefully before engaging with our service. Once you order a template or engage with our service in any other way, we will assume that you have read, understood and consented to the use of your information in any and all of the ways outlined below, and in any way incidental to those uses in the ordinary course of our business at Fix My Project Chaos.


In order to fulfil our service to you, Fix My Project Chaos will require several pieces of information from you. This will include personal details including, but not necessarily limited to, your full name, contact phone number, e-mail address and payment information. All payment information is encrypted and is never transmitted to us in an identifiable format.

Website visitors may also subscribe to our Fix My Project Chaos blog by providing us with their first name and e-mail address.

Refusal to provide one or more of the requested pieces of information will affect your ability to successfully access our full service and eCourse.

If you have any concerns about sharing any piece of required information through our website, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you further.


We will only use your information to fulfil our service to you as the customer.

All personal information will be stored on our confidential database. Information will only ever be accessed when it becomes necessary to us in order to fulfil a business or customer service obligation to you.

If you have subscribed to our blog, we will use your nominated personal e-mail address to notify you of new blog posts or other information.

We do not record or store any payment information.

The only people with access to your information are authorised employees of Fix My Project Chaos. Information is treated as highly confidential by anyone who has access to it.

We will never share your information with any third party, including for the purposes of marketing.

Any information no longer required, or which you have asked us to remove, will be deleted or otherwise destroyed.


You are always welcome to view or modify any personal details that we store in our database. If you wish to obtain a record of exactly what we keep, or edit your contact details, simply contact us via email.

Fix My Project Chaos will never allow any third party to access your information for the purposes of editing or removing it.


In addition to personal details, the Fix My Project Chaos website may also collect non-personal or non-identifiable details about your visit to the online store.

The use of ‘Cookies’ enables us to ascertain certain details about your visit including, but not limited to: navigational information, any referring websites and location information.

This information is completely anonymous, and no attempt is ever made to match it up with your identifiable details. The information is recorded purely for statistical purposes and is used to improve our service to our customers by, for example, remembering the contents of your Fix My Project Chaos shopping cart.

You may choose to refuse the operation of ‘Cookies’ by disabling this feature in the settings of you computer, mobile phone or other device.


The Internet is a global network. Therefore, any data that you may transmit whilst accessing our website, is transmitted globally. By visiting the Fix My Project Chaos website, you are impliedly authorising the global transmission of your data.

We are not responsible for this transmission and are not liable for any consequences that may flow from it.


Fix My Project Chaos may occasionally make alterations to our privacy practices or procedures. Any changes made that would have a direct impact on how we handle the personal information of our customers, will be published here and will take immediate effect from their time of publication.

Customers are responsible for remaining up to date with this policy. Your continued use of our service is taken as your knowledge and acceptance of any changes made, and your consent to the collection or use of your personal information in any of the additional ways or any ways incidental to those uses.

If you have any questions about the information in our Privacy Policy or if you believe we are in breach of our privacy obligations to you, please contact us directly.


Any logos, images, text, photographs or other content within our courses remain at all times the intellectual property of Fix My Project Chaos. As such, they are subject to copyright protection and their use is governed by specified rules and conditions.

When you purchase one of our digital products, you submit to these conditions and we assume at the time of purchase that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by them.

Each purchase of our eCourse or personalised coaching information and materials constitutes a single license to use the product. Each license is intended for individual, personal use only. You may be permitted to print, copy, store or reproduce for your own personal and individual use.

You are not, however, permitted to re-sell, re-publish, share or disseminate, in whole or in part, your copy of our eCourse or included templates with any other person. This applies to sharing electronically or in print format. It also applies to the use of our products in the commencement or advancement in any commercial venture. Transfer of the license to use our products does not include the transfer of any intellectual property rights over our brand materials or our digital products.

Fix My Project Chaos reserves the right to utilise any remedies at our disposal, legal or otherwise, to penalise any party who acts in contravention of these conditions.