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Podcast: Stakeholder engagement as a product manager

Podcast: Stakeholder engagement as a product manager

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Let’s talk about stakeholder engagement as a product manager

product manager

Jase Clamp is a product manager but he describes his role foremost as a customer advocate – the voice of the customer. In this podcast, Jase speaks to Elise Stevens about stakeholder engagement as a product manager.

As Head of Product for Temando in Brisbane, Jase is responsible for researching which products to build, overseeing the products that are built with future resilient architecture and then measuring feedback to ensure the right products were built.

Jase is passionate about solving key retail challenges and ensuring the products he oversees actually meet the customer’s needs. Having managed digital strategy for high volume merchants and SaaS providers in the United States for a decade, Jase now continues championing retailers in his role at Temando.

Points raised in this podcast

  • Product managers often find themselves wedged in between the executive stakeholders, product engineers and project managers.
  • Product managers need to be able to define a saleable product that meets customer needs, and then work with engineers to ensure it can be built while liaising with project managers on a timeline. Finally they assess if the final product has achieved its purpose.
  • A product manager is often described as the voice of the customer.
  • It is important that product managers have a framework or strategy to operate within that has been previously discussed with stakeholders, particularly when decisions need to be made quickly.
  • When stakeholders come to product managers with ideas or adjustments, having a clear framework can also make the decision making more objective.
  • Different stakeholders will have different expectations of the ideal level of documentation, but it should always be clear, consistent, and cover everything they will need to know.
  • Product managers should try to be specific with stakeholders about what documentation is relevant to them rather than waste their time with cumbersome amounts of repetitive information.
  • Good stakeholder engagement as a product manager means taking a genuine interest in the stakeholder’s needs and ensuring everyone feels they have an equal seat at the table.
  • Stakeholders who are made to feel part of the project are more likely to engage and cooperate.
  • Whether you’re working to build the product, market it or sell it, having a singular product definition and strategy is what will bring all the different stakeholders together.

You can connect with Jase on LinkedIn.

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