Project Managements Day of Service

Podcast 86 – Project Management Day of Service – How to Give Back to the Community

Podcast 86 – Project Management Day of Service – How to Give Back to the Community

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Giving back through the Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS) with Laura Barnard and Kendall Lott

In this podcast I speak with Laura Barnard and Kendall Lott about the Project Management Day of Service.

The Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS) is the largest event of its kind to give back to the community and support non-profits and charities using Project Management skills. This unprecedented event puts project managers in the drivers seat in raising the profile of the project management profession while serving the local community in a highly impactful way. We ensure that non-profit and charity organisations get the help they need to address their most pressing mission-critical need in the way only project managers can!

Overview of the Project Management Day of Service

Events bring together project managers and non-profits working hard to serve our community to help them do more. At our events, we scope and plan projects for these wonderful organisations so that they can do more to serve our local communities.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • The day is all about of using the talents of project managers for skills-based volunteering.
  • There are plenty of organisations that need project management including NFP or charitable organisations that benefit from the skilled volunteering of project managers on the PMDoS. Grants and projects are very common in charities and trained PM’s can volunteer and support.
  • Project managers share via information sharing, financial support and goods/services.
  • Charities, volunteers and sponsors all work together to make this day a hugely popular event. Project managers subject management expertise was easily integrated into the NFP’s during the volunteering process.
  • Using project management skills to give back to the community in a meaningful way was a win-win for both the volunteer PM and the organisation who welcomed the volunteers.
  • The first event in Washington DC area was 350 project managers and 100 Not For Profit (NFP) organisations, in one room for one day for an all day scoping event. NFP’s brought their most pressing project, and the PM would help to facilitate the scoping and planning process by building a roadmap.
  • The day was a great idea. However, the implementation was the big challenge. Getting 350 project managers in one room with 100 charities was a huge challenge, and along the way, the PMDoS was created as an organisation.
  • In order to manage this event a full organisation was created including a full service PMO.
  • At 2106 event in January 2016, there were 650 people that attended the event and 100 projects scoped/planned.
  • A group of project managers was put together to work on the event and create the concept. Driven leadership helped handle the fact that there was a massive idea that needed to actualise into a reality.
  • Australia is going to hold an event soon, and it is exciting to start planning how to get it done.
  • Project management best practises are followed throughout the process including the processes used by the PMO.
  • There is a playbook that explains all the steps to create the event from scratch; this was also used in the 2nd year of the USA event including lessons learned, improvements plus much more. This also included document historians so there is a rich playbook covering all the things that must be done to ensure the event’s success.
  • Each chapter will get the support they need to put this together.

How to get started with Project Management Day of Service:

  • Find where your group of project managers are – often you will need to work with local project managers via project management institutes.
  • Put people in defined roles and processes & focus on the playbook and work with a partner on the demand for this labour. It is difficult to know enough NFP’s, so working with a partner who can find the NFP’s can help with the planning process.
  • Finding a venue can be expensive and there is usually a big cost involved. Tapping into a venue who offer discounts for food and AV is essential, or if they can offer a venue partner to pay for this cost.
  • Venue partners, technology partners, food and beverage partners, accommodation and AV are things to consider when planning your project management professionals day of service. By providing the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor and encourage organisations to sponsor.
  • Organisations all over the world are starting to set up their events for 2016 and 2017.
  • The event has been set up in such a way that is it a manageable event for professional bodies to undertake .

To find out more about the Project Managements Day of Service visit the website or to email the PMDoS via email

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