Podcast: Renee Holdsworth

Age Defying Careers
Age Defying Careers
Podcast: Renee Holdsworth

Podcast: Connecting with your clients with Renee Holdsworth

If you’re a small business owner and you’re more motivated by your bottom line than your clients, you may need a time-out on Renee Holdsworth’s treatment table.

Renee is a qualified beauty therapist who left a well-known company eight years ago to run her own home salon Eternal Elegance. As an assistant manager, she’d been exposed to the daily stresses of stock control, IT dramas and dealing with clients and she wanted to take back some control. Running her own timetable also gave her the flexibility she desired to start her family.

Although with hindsight Renee admits she “went in blind” and wrongly assumed clients would simply flow to her, she says she has found running her own business to be less stressful than working for someone else. She has a connection with her clients, based on a mutual passion for Australian made and owned, natural skincare.

As she explains to Elise Stevens, seeing her clients happy is more important than the bottom line, because when you give value, it comes back to you in return.


  • Yes, adults do get acne but don’t despair – it can be treated from the inside out!
  • Why stressing about the books and bottom line isn’t always useful.
  • The value of giving without expecting anything in return.
  • The importance of marketing for small businesses.
  • How a small business can help you juggle your passions with motherhood.


Renee Holdsworth is an award-winning holistic skin therapist working from her home salon Eternal Elegance in Brisbane. She has a passion for skin and body health and works to promote healing and wellness within the body. Experiencing personal skin problems as a teenager, Renee understands the frustrations we face when dealing with skin that makes us feel unattractive. Her calling is to help release old patterns around our self-image, to help us connect to a vision of youthfulness and inner beauty, while also working on outside skin conditions.

When she isn’t busy pampering her clients, you will find her spending time with her two children and her husband, meditating, reading from authors published by Hay House, listening to Abraham-Hicks recordings, working out at the gym, supporting and empowering women in the community, and cooking healthy meals.

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