Podcast: Sally Foley-Lewis

Age Defying Careers
Age Defying Careers
Podcast: Sally Foley-Lewis

Podcast: Become a more effective and likeable leader, with Sally Foley-Lewis

Sally Foley-Lewis is a productivity and leadership expert with over two decades of experience in coaching, mentoring and developing leaders and managers in Australia and all around the world. In this interview, she discusses her career story, the importance of networking and the importance of apologising.

As someone who’s been both CEO and manager, Sally understands the challenge of growing a business, leading diverse teams and ensuring that work gets done on time – all the while being a boss that employees enjoy working for.

To help others who want to achieve similar goals, she’s created the P.U.M.P.™ (Pump Up My Productivity) program, which helps participants to develop the skills and confidence to delegate, give feedback and resolve conflict in a positive manner.

In this podcast, she spoke with Elise about the path she took to where she is today, as well as how networking (and learning from a bad boss) got her here.

What has been a lesson she’s learnt over her 20-year career?

“I’ve learnt that it’s actually ok to say sorry,” Sally says.

“When you’re in a leadership position and you do something wrong, going back to the team and saying, ‘I am really sorry – what’s your feedback and your perspective on this?’ is important. The level of respect, support and engagement you get from the team revs right up because you’ve been willing to say, ‘I’m human and vulnerable too’.”


  • It’s not about who you know – it’s about who knows you
  • Authenticity is key – don’t be a Jekyll and Hyde Boss!
  • You can’t stay present in people’s minds without showing up in some way
  • You are responsible for creating your own networking environment
  • Having a bad boss is a life experience we all will have – so learn from it!
  • Learn to say YES and trust that the answer will come later


Sally Foley-Lewis is an accomplished speaker, author, facilitator and mentor. She helps businesses implement personal productivity and time management strategies. With her help, leaders and managers are taught how to master their people and team skills, decrease turnover and increase profits and sales per employee. She’s successfully aided over 10,000 managers and leaders ranging from the United Arab Emirates to Australia, and has pioneered a number of public and corporate programs including P.U.M.P.™ – Pump Up My Productivity and Flipped Feedback™. She has also published several books, resources, workbooks and podcasts on the topics of leadership and productivity. You can find her at

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