Podcast: The importance of having a social media brand

Age Defying Careers
Age Defying Careers
Podcast: The importance of having a social media brand


Maybe you have a Facebook page just to keep in touch with family and friends? Perhaps you’re only on Instagram to keep tabs on your kids? Or maybe you set up a LinkedIn profile a while ago but haven’t looked at it since? Love it or loathe it, if you’re looking for professional opportunities or keen to advance your career you need to invest some time in your social media brand.

Mel Kettle jumped on Twitter for fun about eight years ago. At the time, she couldn’t really see the business potential in it – but within three months she was invited to speak at a conference on the importance of social media for business.

In this podcast, Mel speaks to Elise Stevens about why women over 40 should definitely be on social media. She explains how to overcome our fear of looking stupid and offers some simple tips to attract the right people and opportunities.

Whether you’ve been procrastinating about finally joining LinkedIn, or haven’t changed your Twitter bio in the last 10 years, this podcast will provide the gentle nudge, or friendly shove, you’ve been looking for to get social!


  • Why women over 40 need a social media brand
  • How a social media presence can open up new professional and personal opportunities
  • How to build your social media brand
  • Which social media platforms are best for you
  • Why a good profile photo is crucial
  • How to attract the right people on social media
  • What to share and what not to share
  • The important of having an authentic and consistent voice
  • Why comparing yourself to others is futile
  • Why it’s not all about you (even on social media!)


social media brand with Mel Kettle on Age Defying Careers podcastMel Kettle is a communication and social media expert, speaker, author, trainer and mentor.

Over the last 20 years, Mel has learned people do business with people they know, like and trust, making authenticity essential. As a result, she has become obsessed with teaching CEOs, leaders associations and businesses how to communicate authentically.

Mel established her communications consultancy business in 2006 and has since worked extensively with associations, researchers and academics, executive management teams, small businesses and not-for-profits.

She has a Master of Business (Marketing), a Master of Public Health, and is a past board member of the International Association of Business Communications (Queensland) and The Queensland Choir.

You can find out more about Mel at her website, check out her women’s health blog Just As Juicy or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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