Sue Parker knows no victory comes without at least a few tears and in this podcast she helps Elise Stevens break down some of the false hype around success.

Sue landed her first advertising job with the Yellow Pages at the age of 20, laying the foundation for a 10-year selling and management career, which in turn led to work in marketing, training and education.

At the age of 44 she launched her first business, a media recruitment and advertising sales firm called Dynamic Visions. After 11 years, at the age of 55, she launched another two businesses in career coaching and personal branding.

Despite her career success, there are days when Sue struggles with self-doubt, but she believes anyone who tries to tell you they don’t is a liar. Sue wants to squash the media-driven myth that women need to have it all, all the time, to be successful. She encourages us to feel comfortable admitting our careers have had low points, but also urges us to step up and shout out when we’re winning.


  • How the media-driven hype around success affects older women.
  • Why stating the truth is not bragging.
  • Why age is no barrier to starting a new business.
  • Why if you’re boring at 25, you’ll be boring at 55.
  • The importance of learning something new every day.
  • The value of working across a number of industries throughout your career.
  • The importance of treating everyone with respect.
  • Why you need to take a good hard look at yourself.


success-myth-sue-parkerSue is a communications and hiring strategist, job search coach and personal branding specialist. She has worked in the professional advertising, education, membership services and training sector for more than 35 years across Victoria and Queensland. Sue launched Australia’s first recruitment agency to provide both hiring and training services in 2004. In 2015, she launched DARE Group Australia and CV Dynamix.

Sue is bold, humourous and down to earth and is passionate about helping older women step up and shout out.

You can connect with Sue on LinkedIn, or see her founded businesses Dare Group Australia and CV Dynamix for more information.

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