Podcast 98 – Storytelling in organisational change

Podcast 98 – Storytelling in organisational change

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Let’s talk about storytelling in organisational change

Once upon a time, a film producer, sales agent and crowdfunding pioneer named Thomas Mai spoke to Elise Stevens about storytelling in organisational change.

Thomas has worked in the film industry for more than two decades and produced seven films. He specialises in helping filmmakers and companies reach their audience through innovative marketing storytelling.

He founded SmartFilmIncome as a place for filmmakers to share their stories, and also works with The Storyboxes, an award-winning storytelling studio that helps its clients to tell and share meaningful stories in unique ways.

Thomas is a regular speaker at film workshops on sales, marketing, crowdfunding, social media and distribution.


Points raised in this podcast:

  • Human beings have always passed on knowledge through storytelling.
  • People crave connections with other people.
  • People can easily switch off to organisational change if they are not engaged.
  • Change has always been inevitable, but now due to technology it happens faster than ever before.
  • Good storytelling has three elements: uniqueness, desire and complexity.
  • Certain brands are fantastic at storytelling, for example, Virgin Australia is now synonymous with the energetic, vibrant and entrepreneurial Richard Branson.
  • We don’t often associate organisational change in terms of empathy, emotion and passion, but when we do we are better able to relate organisational change to the people affected by it.
  • Good storytelling in organisational change encourages everyone to work in the same direction for the same goal.
  • Metaphor and analogy are useful tools in storytelling. Consider the classic metaphor of “everyone being in the same boat”.
  • People in large organisations or teams can often feel like their story is not being heard. It is important their story aligns with the story of the organisation.
  • It is important an organisation is honest and open with its team about change.


Thomas holds weekly Storytelling in Marketing sessions in Brisbane. Contact him through his website SmartFilmIncome.


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