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Podcast: Stuart Easton – How does your PMO add value?

Elise Stevens
Podcast: Stuart Easton - How does your PMO add value?

Podcast: Stuart Easton – How does your PMO add value?

Project managers face a lot of resistance to change – but it’s a fundamental part of what we do. As Stuart Easton explains to Elise Stevens in this podcast, if everything stayed the same we’d be out of a job!

Stuart is the CEO of UK-based portfolio planning software company Transparent Choice, which helps project leaders select the portfolio that will add maximum value to their business. Stuart believes a great PMO embraces the need to deliver value that moves the business towards its strategic goals.

If you think your executives are prioritising the wrong projects, Stuart has some great tips for bridging the gap between the leadership team and the project team. It’s time to think BIG. How can you be a part of the change process?

Points raised in this podcast with Stuart Easton:

  • The purpose of a project portfolio is to deliver the strategic vision of the business.
  • Just because the executive team decides which projects go ahead doesn’t mean they have a good process for making those decisions.
  • The PMO should be active in helping select the right projects.
  • Asking lots of questions of your business leaders can help you find out what value means to them and what’s stopping them from achieving their goals. Then you can help them prioritise projects.
  • Switching from being task-oriented to value-driven can be rewarding.
  • Talking about project milestones and methodology won’t get you far with the executive team. Learn to speak their language.
  • Never bring up a problem until you have a solution.
  • Projects that are well-aligned with the business’s strategic vision are more likely to succeed because people know what’s expected of them and they’re excited to deliver it.

About Stuart Easton:

Stuart Easton is the CEO of Transparent Choice, a UK-based portfolio planning software company which helps project portfolio leaders in areas such as R&D, IT, maintenance and change/transformation management select the portfolio that will add maximum value to the business. Stuart has previously worked as a consultant for start-ups and company founders keen to develop a growth strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Oxford. You can connect with Stuart on LinkedIn.




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