I am so excited that Leisa Lockwood is the first guest blogger for Age Defying Careers. In this post Leisa shares her experiences in taking a leap of faith with her new career adventure.

Leisa is a serial entrepreneur with success in the recruitment and skin care industries. Like a lot of women, Leisa was at a career crossroads, unsure about whether to return to a career in recruitment or find a new challenge that enabled her to combine motherhood and career. After researching various alternatives, Leisa identified that the Rodan and Fields skincare line and social selling model offered the best potential for her and her family. Leisa is busy building her team, so that she can pay it forward, to provide support and guidance to women everywhere and to enable them to fulfil their potential to achieve their career and financial goals.

When I was 20 I remember thinking that there was no way I would be ‘dolling’ myself up when I’m over 40 in order to keep a job in recruitment. Talk about Age-Defying Careers…how did I manage to form such an ‘expired’ view of my career at that age? Social conditioning I guess.

More than 20 years on I can say that my drive to find a new career has stemmed from many things but most predominantly;- I’m curious to try something new, I have no energy left to fight the ‘sales’ battlefield in a male dominated industry (I don’t really fit into the ‘boys doing business over beers in the pub mould) and I detest the thought of requesting the ever so regular ‘time off’ to look after my sick kids because my husbands’ job takes precedence. Not that I mind that – I LOVE being at home with my kids. I love that my kids aren’t latch key kids and I love that I can take them to sport and attend their important events.

So here I am, with my youngest ready to start school next year and faced with the prospect of returning to the ‘workforce’.  Ugh no! My search for a new age-defying career began…and isn’t it funny that simply by ‘tuning in’ to my internal radar, I stumbled across what I think is THE MOST EXCITING career prospect to date!

Now let me first say that it was no small thing going out on what I perceived as a huge limb and branching out into something new. Recruitment is all I have known! But putting the fear aside (my motivation for change is big!) and just putting one foot after the other…here I am a few months into my new career and I am as energised as ever!!

I am about to become one of the first people in Australia to launch the US no.1 premium skin care line here! Why is this so great? TIME freedom, FINANCIAL freedom, the ability to HELP thousands of people (with both their skincare or to start their own businesses) and I can work from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. I have not been so fired up about my career…ever! I’ve also had the added bonus of reconnecting and making new friends everywhere – something that I had been sadly lacking. Oh and did I mention I’m actually having FUN while doing it.

I’d love to help other women take back their TIME, their FREEDOM and rid themselves of financial stress. If you would like to chat with me about my journey, please don’t be afraid to reach out and contact me. I can’t think of any greater happiness in life than being able to offer you the same Age-Defying career… and skin that I have!!