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Any reference to ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’ refers, at all times, to Fix My Project Chaos. Any reference to ‘you’ or ‘your’ refers to our website visitors and customers.


Fix My Project Chaos provides eCoaching for Project Managers in small to medium organizations. We use our expertise to develop and share resources, including eCourses and personalized coaching to assist in resolving project management issues and getting your projects back on the right track.

We reserve the right to make amendments to any part of our service, including our resources, eCourses, prices or general operations. We may make changes at any time, without notice or consequence.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any person for any reason we deem necessary, including the misuse or prohibited use of our service and intellectual property.


Our specialised eCourses can be ordered directly through our website. Payment can be made by any of our accepted methods and will be taken at the time of confirmation. Orders will not be fulfilled unless and until payment has been processed successfully.

After you have made your purchase, your eCourse will be delivered via one of two methods, depending on the purchase platform. You will either be e-mailed your course materials to your nominated e-mail address or you will be re-directed to a third party web page to access your course.

Please ensure that all of your computer software is up to date before purchasing our eCourse.


Due to the nature of our product, we consider it as having been used upon delivery. Please understand that we are therefore unable to provide refunds under any circumstances.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that their computer software is current and up to date before purchasing our eCourse. Refunds will not be given in the event that your files are unable to be opened due to incompatibility.


All materials are designed and written with experience in project management in mind. They are intended to be a comprehensive course on identifying and understanding project management issues and resolutions.

Our eCourse content, however, is intended for general purposes only. The information presented is not intended to be personalised business advice and should not be relied on as such. It is merely intended for educational purposes to guide leaders and organisations through project management operations.

If you require custom coaching or advice, please contact us directly to discuss our personalized coaching options.


Fix My Project Chaos will not be held liable for the unsuccessful execution of the strategies or processes outlined in our eCourse materials. Our materials are designed as guidelines and the results of their implementation will vary depending on a number of other independent factors, personal to your organisation and employees. Fix My Project Chaos is not responsible for the outcomes of using any of the materials or advice within our eCourse and will not be liable for any negative consequences or damages that may arise immediately or in the future.


Fix My Project Chaos may occasionally run promotional offers through our website. Such special offers may include special prices, deals or discounts. Any promotion will only run for a limited time and may have conditions or guidelines, which must be fully complied with, without exception, in order to validly redeem the promotion.

Some promotions may require you to share personal information with Fix My Project Chaos Any information shared in this capacity will be dealt with, at all times, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please refer to this policy for more information.

Special or sale prices may only be applicable for certain periods of time.

Discount codes must be entered at checkout, before proceeding to the payment page. No discounts will be applied retroactively.

Fix My Project Chaos reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel any promotion at any time, without consequence.

There will be no rain checks permitted on any kind of promotion.


We know that your privacy is important to you. Fix My Project Chaos handles all private and personal information sensitively and confidentially. For more information on our privacy practices and procedures please see our Fix My Project Chaos Privacy Policy.


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We grant users and customers a license to access and enjoy this information via our website and by purchasing our products.

Fix My Project Chaos may allow the printing, gathering, storing, copying or sharing of website information for individual or personal purposes. However such use is strictly prohibited for the purposes of the commencement or advancement of any commercial or business venture.

We reserve the right to refuse access, or take further action, including legal, against persons who violate our rights as intellectual property holders.

Please see our Not For Re-Sale Statement for further information.


Throughout our website and associated social media we may provide links to third party websites. These links are provided for your information or to assist in furthering your project management education. The material and content made available throughout these links is not intended as a representation of Fix My Project Chaos or our employees or opinions. Following these links is always at your discretion.

Fix My Project Chaos is not responsible for policing the services, policies or practices of these third parties. We will not be held liable for any loss, damage or any other consequences that may arise out of the use of third party websites or services.

This information also applies to any third party platform or website where you may purchase or access our eCourse.


To the maximum extent permitted by law, Fix My Project Chaos cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage that any person may suffer as a direct or indirect result of accessing our website or utilising our service or products. This includes employment ramifications or any further project issues arising after using our courses, materials or templates.


All content, information and imagery provided through the Fix My Project Chaos website or brand, or through customer service correspondence with our staff, is intended strictly for general purposes. Fix My Project Chaos does not make any guarantee (express or implied) as to the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of any materials provided. Furthermore, Fix My Project Chaos does not guarantee that using our services will result in further project management employment opportunities of any kind. Please see our disclaimer for further details.


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The severance of one section of this document will not have any effect on the rest of the Terms and Conditions. All remaining provisions will remain in force, in the event that one section is edited or removed.


Fix My Project Chaos reserves the right to make amendments to our Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice or consequence. Any changes will be published here and will take immediate effect from their time of publication. We ask that all customers remain up to date with our Terms and Conditions, whenever engaging with our service. Your continued access to our website and use of our online store and products, is taken as your knowledge and acceptance of any changes made.

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