The importance of being kind at work: Creating a positive and production workplace culture

Millions of people around the world are voluntarily leaving their jobs, and the COVID-19 pandemic has played a role in this trend. The pandemic has given people the opportunity to reflect on their careers and consider the type of work and working conditions that they truly desire.

In a recent podcast, I spoke with the amazing Janine Hamner Holman about the importance of kindness at work for creating a positive work experience. While it can sometimes feel like we are powerless to change the culture of our teams, departments, or organizations, there are practical steps that we can take to create a more positive and kinder workplace environment.

Click here to listen to Episode #217 with Janine Hamner Homlan.

Here are some practical tips for being kinder at work:

#1 – Be helpful and kind to those around you

Small acts of kindness, like offering to help a colleague with a task or showing appreciation for someone’s work, can make a big difference in creating a positive work environment.

#2 – When faced with someone behaving poorly, regulate your own emotions and behaviour

And, when appropriate, call out bad behaviour in a constructive way.

#3 – Listen more than you speak, and try to pick up on what is not being said

This can help you better understand your colleagues’ perspectives and needs.

#4 – Be the most positive person in the room, even when faced with challenging situations.

Maintaining a positive attitude can help create a more optimistic and productive work environment.

#5 – Practice empathy and consider what others may be going through

This can help you better connect with your colleagues and create a more understanding workplace culture.

Remember, kindness at work starts with small actions and can make a big difference in creating a positive and productive work environment. How are you going to be kinder at work?