My Top 10 Information Management Blog Posts for 2014

As 2015 moves ever closer, here are my 10 favourite information management blog posts for 2014:

  • Change Factory

    The seven deadly sins of an eDRMS implementation – how many is your organisation committing?

  • InfoReady

    Bad data can be a big issue within organisations yet it can be like the elephant in the room – every one is looking at something else pretending it doesn’t matter that much. Great blog post.

  • Nuix

    While this blog post is not specifically about information management, it does offer good suggestions on how to calculate the value of corporate knowledge.

  • aiim community

    How paperless are organisations today? Bob Larrivee examines the status of the paperless office

  • Ellen van Aken

    This blog post examines why an organisation’s enterprise search is not like a Google search

  • Glentworth

    A great selection of do’s and don’t’s of information security.

  • Marie Grace Cannon

    What is the role of an information management professional in organisations? In this blog post the tasks/activities of an information management role are discussed.

  • Western IM

    Why is support/endorsement from senior executive team so important to ensuring a successful eDRMS/Records Management implementation? A great blog post about the importance of executive support.

  • Doculabs

    Mention the words information governance in some organisations and people’s eyes glaze over. Yet organisations rely on the quality information that can be found with minimal effort. This blog post outlines some of the drivers of information governance.


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