Have you ever decided not to apply for an exciting new job because you fear you’re underqualified and won’t be taken seriously? Maybe you’ve turned down the chance at a promotion assuming you’ll fail? If you’re nodding your head right now you’re not alone.

Women are often the first to downplay the value of their skills and experience. In this podcast, Helen Canny explains to Elise Stevens why it is crucial that women learn to ignore their self-doubt.

Helen began her career in human resources, finance and consulting. As is often the case, the decision to have a family required some career adjustments and Helen spent the next twenty years as a self-employed consultant, which allowed her the freedom to work when she wanted.

Last year, Helen jumped back into the workforce in corporate fundraising, partnerships and development for a well-known Australian not-for-profit. She had no not-for-profit experience, and had never worked in business-to-business corporate fundraising. What she did have were transferrable skills which made her more than qualified to move into a new career path – and you are too.


  • What are transferrable skills?
  • How self-employment differs from working for someone else.
  • How to run a business while juggling two toddlers without sacrificing your health or your marriage.
  • The importance of routine.
  • The dangers of self-doubt.
  • Why every day is a chance for self-reflection and learning.


Transferrable Skills podcast with Helen CannyHelen Canny began her career in human resources for corporate and consulting firms, but when parenthood beckoned she opted for the freedom and flexibility afforded by self-employment. For 18 years she was a coach, facilitator and adviser working in the finance, logistics and mining industries. Recently she closed her consulting business and took on the role of Business Development and Partnerships Manager for a well-known Australian not-for-profit – proving that you can switch careers and be successfully hired later in life.

You can connect with Helen on LinkedIn.

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