A book jam packed with practical, how-to advice from successful women in the industry who share their personal insight and guidance.



Think you might need a mentor but don’t know how to find one?

What if you had access to over 150 successful women in project management?

Tried-and-true advice from women just like you, in your pocket when you need it.

Wouldn’t that be handy?

“Unlocking the Opportunity” is your guide to achieving and celebrating success as a project manager, realising your potential and reshaping the profession.

At every stage of our careers, it’s important that we support and encourage each other to smash our personal and professional goals.

This book aims to unite our community and support the increasing diversity of our profession. Get it today!

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself” – Oprah

eBook Celebrating Women in Project Management

Now, that sounds like something to get involved in. But, where do you sign up?

Everyone talks about the importance of having a mentor, but no one makes it clear how to find one.

How do you find the right mentor for you?

The 3 big problems with finding a mentor

Problem 1

Everyone is too busy.

We’re all expected to fit more work into the same hours.

Nobody has time to help someone who’s not their direct report.

Problem 2

You can’t find the perfect fit.

How do you find someone with the exact experience and insight you need?

What if no one matches your criteria?

Problem 3

Your network is limited.

You’ve exhausted all your contacts and you still haven’t found the right person.

You don’t know where to look next.


YES – there is a way to access to incredible women who are project management superstars

YES – there is a way to find diverse thoughts on project management skills

YOU BET – there is a way to learn from the collective

What will you gain from this book?


Practical, how-to advice anytime you need it.

Learn from women who’ve been where you are and have faced the same challenges.

Insight and observations you can apply to your specific situation.

Tips, tricks and truths to see you through any setback.


Support and encouragement to smash your personal and professional goals.

How handy would it be to have a mentor around whenever you needed a pep talk?

What if you had over 150 women cheering you on every step of the way?

These women know how hard it is to succeed in this profession and they want you to thrive!


Inspiration to help you achieve and celebrate success as a project manager.

Soak up the collective wisdom of dozens of women in project management.

Use their insights and guidance to motivate your next career move.

Learn from their mistakes and share in their success.

What the readers say

Heike Cantrp - Calgary Cana

Celebrating Women in Project Management

An important resource as it shows how other PM professionals inspire themselves and then in turn reinvigorates our own passion and drive for this incredible industry. This book offers all women insight into what is achievable as a full time or part time professional serving a project based community. These stories are testimony that women often drive the “get it done” attitude which get manifested as project schedules being realized or replotted in a practical manner.

Candida Tocci - B.A PMP

Celebrating Women in Project Management

To be so honored to be asked to be part of this book is just the beginning! To be among an amazing group of talented women is to exemplify togetherness in strength, courage and collaboration. But to be able to refer and reference the wealth of information from these inspiring women is pure success!!

Meet the author – Elise Stevens

I work with women in project management roles to reinforce within themselves their true VALUE to their team, company and industry. I provide a channel for women’s voices to be HEARD, SUPPORTED and EMBRACED in project management with my podcast series, personal trainingdigital courses and workshops.

I was inspired to bring to together this book, a collection of insights from more than 150 women as I have seen women who are great at what they do, but not achieving the results they deserve as they didn’t have access to mentors who really understood what it was like to be a women in project management.

Gain access to over 150 successful women NOW.

Be inspired, be supported, be informed.