My passion is to make a difference for women working in the field of project management, as we work together to improve the gender balance within the profession.

Earlier in 2018, I started an initiative to celebrate women in the project management industry. The purpose of the initiative was to raise awareness of women in the profession as well as provide a platform where women would feel comfortable in saying positive things about their achievements. I wanted women not just to talk about their achievements, but the celebrate them!

It was wonderful to have so many fabulous women enter the 2018 Celebrating Women in Project Management 50 Day Series. I was amazed at how many women got in touch with their profiles and shared their achievements. The women who joined me were from all over the world, sharing their insights, their various experiences and encouraging others to find their own success in project management.

The success of the 2018 event showed me just how important the event was, that women wanted to be heard and to be apart of something greater in the community. Women wanted to support and motivate each other, to share their ups and downs, and to empower other women no matter where they lived, their age or experience. The 2018 event inspired me to continue this great initiative as part of annual International Women’s Day celebrations. #PressForProgress!

Celebrating Women In Project Management Is Important

Too often over the years I have met incredible women who have silently achieved amazing things in their careers. Often women may feel that it’s inappropriate to talk about their achievements. I am here to tell you amazing women that no, it is most definitely not inappropriate. You owe it to yourself to share and be proud of the hard work you have completed to achieve your goals. It’s also important for other women in the world to hear your stories.

If you are a woman in the workplace in project management, adding your voice to the conversation inspires other women. Simply acknowledging that greater communication could be had in the community amongst women is a great thing. Conversation unites us. It reminds us that we are apart of something; we’re in it together – apart of one big support network. We are happy for the things that we have achieved for ourselves, as well as for amazing things that other women have achieved in their own careers.

The 2019 Celebrating Women In PM Launch!

So now, I am officially launching my 2019 Celebrating Women In Project Management Series. My goal is to publish 2 profiles per day for 50 days – a minimum of 100 profiles. I need your help to achieve this goal – submit your profile and encourage other women to do the same. Join us! Be heard, supported and connected. Let’s keep the industry interesting! By adding your voice to the conversation, you are helping to decrease the sometimes overwhelming sense of division in genders in the project management industry. By sharing your own profile, you will become apart of this powerful network and empower other women around you to feel proud of their own achievements.

The profiles of the 100+ fabulous women will be published on my websiteFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow me online to see each profile as they’re published and join the celebrations. You can also join the conversation by adding the hashtag #CelebratingWomenInProjectManagement to your social media posts and comments. If you love the passion and conversation that the event offers, please share this link to the event on your own website, and channels. Let’s keep the conversation going.

You Can Now Submit Your Profile For 2019

It is very easy to get involved! Simply submit your details on this online form. Women of all ages and experience levels are welcome to submit their profiles to be published through our website and social media channels. The more diverse the range of profiles, the more visible our achievements will be. If you are a woman working in project management, I want to hear from you!

Encourage Other Women to Share Their Achievements

Help us celebrate women in project management by encouraging your peers and colleagues to submit their profiles.

For some, putting their hand up and joining in with the event may feel challenging. It is time for women to overcome their feelings of discomfort in self promotion. Only by using our voice will we be heard for new opportunities to come knocking on our doors. By supporting and encouraging our friends and peers to contribute their stories, we are helping to increase the awareness of our achievements and helping others to value their own contribution in project management.

Let’s shine a brighter light on all of the incredible women who surround us in the world of project management.

I look forward to seeing your name in the submitted profiles to share with our network online. It’s time to celebrate!

You can read more about the 2019 Celebrating Women In Project Management Series here.

Elise Stevens