Podcast: Rachel Klaver talks career change

Age Defying Careers
Age Defying Careers
Podcast: Rachel Klaver talks career change


Just a few years ago Rachel Klaver was a talented sales professional at the top of her game. In a story that will be familiar to many, this also meant she was travelling a lot, missing her family and suffering from serious stress. But she was kicking goals and she knew her employer valued her so she pushed on. Then one day her employer asked her to take a pay cut, so they could use her earnings to grow their business.

Yes. They wanted her to take a pay cut! Reality hit quickly. She realised she had been sacrificing her family life and her health for someone else’s business.

In this podcast, Rachel explains to Elise Stevens how this became the catalyst for starting her own business, and why she’s never looked back.


  • Why you might need a career change more than you realise
  • Why work shouldn’t come at the expense of your health
  • How to decide where to devote your time and energy
  • How to come into your confidence after 40 and model that confidence to women younger and older than you
  • The importance of finding a support network
  • Why standing out from the crowd can feel isolating
  • What to do with your voice when you find it
  • How to deal with men who still can’t deal with women


career change rachel klaver podcastRachel Klaver is the managing director and team leader of Identify Marketing, a firm that’s passionate about finding great ideas that work within tiny budgets.

Across her career, Rachel has worked in retail, sales and marketing, freelance public relations and writing, plus-size modeling, TV commentary, marketing consultancy and professional development.

She is the author of 27 print books on a range of different topics and is an experienced and energetic presenter, speaker and trainer.

You can connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.

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