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I want a thriving career beyond 50…

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Our level of happiness at work DIRECTLY impacts our level of happiness at home.

REALIGN to your values, strengths and purpose, to appreciate your worth
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Hi, I am Elise and I empower people to be happier at work

As someone who has experienced the best and worst of corporate life, I have found myself in tricky situations where I felt lost, alone and unsure of what my next step should be.

I did what everyone else does. I bored my friends and family about what I should do – trying to find that elusive quick solution to my problems.

I wasted lots of energy and time using approaches that didn’t fit the situation. The net result just greater levels of unhappiness and stress. 


I needed a new approach – one that enabled me to deal with whatever situation was going on, focus on moving forward (or away) and keep my self-confidence from being impacted.

I want to share what I have learned about recovering from crappy work situations and moving forward, so that you can be more fulfilled, self-confident and happier at work. 

Struggling at work?

Unhappy with your current job?

Feeling a bit ‘stuck’?

you’re not alone…

According to Indeed’s 2021 Work Happiness Report, only 43% of people in the US are happy at work – it doesnt need to be that way

EMPOWER yourself to be happier at work!

Happiness at work is not elusive 

Being happier at work

Is being happy at work even possible?

I know that I can be unhappy and happy at work in the same day. It all depends on what is happening and what I am feeling.

It’s time to get happier at work and embrace our wellbeing.

It’s time to move jobs

Often we stay in jobs longer than we should.

This impacts our happiness and self esteem.

It’s time to stop the downward spiral and invest in your work happiness

Career advancement 

Advancing your career is not about climbing the corporate ladder. It is about making sure that you continue to grow your work life.

This can cover:

  • upwards
  • lateral moves
  • pivots
  • side hustles

Not sure where to start?

Career advancement courses coming soon…

I am currently creating a range of courses to enable you to advance your career 

Mastering the Politics of Promotion

Navigating Politics at Work

Must Have Skills for 2025

Don’t accept unhappiness at work,

empower yourself to be happy at work!